What to do if you get promoted

When you start racing in your new division, points will not be credited to you until you apply for a bib.

Send to the Bib Officer for your new division:

Your old bib (you are swapping your old bib for your new one. You don't need to send a cheque or a bib voucher)

A note requesting promotion. List your qualifying points and where you got them

A large, strong SAE with at least £1.22 postage on it - please use a C4 envelope.

A copy of the bib application form, filled in

And PLEASE make sure you put enough postage on!

You will only get your promotion certificate after you apply for your bib, so don't wait for it!

And PLEASE make sure you put enough postage on!




Prem & Div 1: Sally Atkinson, 20 Whitewater, Orton Wistow, PETERBOROUGH PE2 6FB

Div 2 & 3: Tanya Gibbons, 8 Colliery Row, ALFRETON DE55 7FD


Prem: Tracy Wells, 14 Donne Close, Higham Ferrers, RUSHDEN, NN10 8PF

Div 1: Nick Penfold, 2 Qualitas, BRACKNELL, RG12 7QG

Div 2: Les Saunders, 12, The Green, Stourbridge, DY8 5BE

Div 3: Karen Crowhurst, 6 St Peter Avenue, Deepcar, SHEFFIELD S36 2SL


All Divisions: Mark Shaw, 3 Fenham Carr Lane, LANCASTER LA1 3FH


All Divisions: Carole McGranachan, 19 Beechwood Drive, STONE ST15 0EH


All Divisions: Stuart Meakins, 8 Marlborough Close, Oaklands, WELWYN, AL6 0UG


Prem & Div 1 (All Classes): Mike Carter, 5 Clarendon St, BEDFORD MK41 7SQ

Div 2/3 (All Classes): Terry Griffiths, 228 Grace Way, STEVENAGE SG1 5AH


How Promotion Works

At Division 4 races, one paddler in five is promoted to Division 3 - that is, the top 20% of competitors in each class - as long as at least 3 paddlers race. If there are less than 3 paddlers, competitors are promoted if their score equals or beats the last promoted Division 4 Menís Kayak score. C1 women get promoted if their score would have got them promotion in K1M or K1W.

Promotion to Div 2 and beyond goes on points or on the equivalent of 3 wins - see below. At every race you get points according to your position, and you count your best five results towards your ranking and promotion. The points you count must all be from races in the current year.

Points are a way of comparing results when there are more competitors in one race than in another. The winner gets maximum points and the other competitors get points on a sliding scale according to their place. If a class is not quorate (that is, less than 5 boats race) points are calculated by a factored comparison with K1M times.

Maximum points is 2000 at a Prem race, 1000 at a Div 1, 500 at a Div 2 and 250 at a Div 3.

Points Targets for Promotion


Div 3 to Div 2

Div 2 to Div 1

Div 1 to Prem

K1 and C1




Promotion on 3 Wins

You can be promoted by scoring your division's maximum points or more* at three races, by winning a race in your own class or by scoring your own division's maximum points or more when paddling up at a next-division-up event.

If you are ranked in Division 1, 2 or 3 you can enter races intended for the next division up from your own. Points will be awarded by comparison with the higher-division paddlers in your class, or with K1M if your class is not quorate.

If you race in the lower division at a combined-divisions event you get points by comparison with others in your own division only, not by comparison with higher-division paddlers.


* If you paddle up and beat more than half the higher-division paddlers, you can get more than your own division's maximum points.