Entering On-line at www.canoeslalomentries.co.uk

Did You Know? You can see all your online entries by logging in to www.canoeslalomentries.co.uk and clicking “My Entries” in the menu bar (top right).

• Transaction fees are 2.2% of the entry fees + 45p per transaction.

• You can put multiple entries in your basket before paying if you are entering both days, or say a C1 and K1, at the same competition. Put both entries into your basket before paying as this works out cheaper than paying separately.

• You must be a ranked paddler to enter online. If you do not know your bib number, just start typing your name in the drop down select box. You will not be able to submit an online entry if you do not currently have a 2017 bib number for the class and division concerned, so if you are promoted or reinstated you need to get your bib application in promptly.

• Immediately after successful entry of your card details, your entry will be added to the list on the competition home page. If the race is within 3 weeks from the date you enter, your card will be charged and you will receive an emailed receipt. If the race is further into the future, payment will be taken a few weeks before the competition and you will receive the emailed receipt then.

• Paddle-ups can add their entry to the waiting list. You will receive an email requesting online payment if a place becomes available.

• You can also enter as an official online. Paddlers who have entered as officials or on the waiting list can remove their own entry – reselect your class and bib and click the button.

If you have any feedback/questions on the online process then feel free to post on the chatter boards or email .