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Email your best slalom action photos to .

Organisers won't accept your entry until they get your card and your cheque or your on-line entry where available. DON'T email them "to book a place", you are wasting their time and your own.


Slalom Posters

We are happy to publish a miniature on this page, linked to your bigger poster. The miniature will be small. Keep pictures and text big and bold!



3 Mar Shepperton Div 2     10 Mar Llandysul Div 1
4 Mar Shepperton Div 2   11 Mar Llandysul Div 1

Symonds Yat Div 2/3

The event is going ahead as planned. The river will be high, but we are confident that we can set a course that is appropriate for this ranking. We anticipate that the river will steadily drop during the course of the weekend.

We will provide safety boats, but competitors MUST stay on the water to cover the next two paddlers coming down.

It's going to be cold with a risk of snow! So bring your thermals. We are providing cooked breakfast in the village hall, a hot evening meal and somewhere to have a warm on Saturday night - see event info for details.

Any help with running the event will be appreciated - just pop into Race Control.

Rob and Wyedean CC

View from the Riverbank: Necking

The whole head of the Competitor...must cross the gate line in accordance with the correct side of the gate...(and) part of the boat must cross the gate line at the same instant as the complete head crosses the line.

Necking is legal, but it's high risk and not always faster. As a "plan B" after breaking out too early, it might pay off. It's not always so clever as "plan A" - often you must more or less stop the boat to do it. Either way there are two ways you might get a 50:

You don't get the whole of your head round the pole.

There is no boat in the gate line at the time.

It's especially risky when the section judge is less than 5 yards from the gate!

Grandtully March 17/18 and April 7/8

Overspill from the hydro power scheme on the north bank is potentially very dangerous. NOBODY should cross the concrete overspill or the river bank below it. If anybody is found within that area, Pitcastle Estate will cancel its lease agreement with the SCA and Tully races would have to stop. Therefore:

1. Spectators are not allowed on the North Bank.

2. Judges and officials must not cross or sit on the land below the concrete spill.

3. Competitors are allowed on the north bank to view demo runs and to view the course but MUST NOT cross or view the demo runs from the land immediately below the concrete spill.


Perpetual trophy winners from 2017: please make sure your trophy is returned to Tully for this year's race.

Breadalbane CC would appreciate any help for Safety, Judges and Demos Runs. If you can help, please just e-mail Terry at five.edwards@btinternet.com.

Kimberley Woods - picture Kim Jones

Reminder about Bibs

If you are racing at Tully or Symonds Yat: have you applied for your bib? If not, get on to Sally / Tracy / Nick / Carole / Mark / Les / Stuart PDQ, or any points you get will be suspended! MORE>

HPP Prem Races March 24 / 25

With the closing date still a week away the race is fully subscribed with Prems. Paddle-up hopefuls won't get a race.

Canoe England Slalom Team 2018

THIS TEAM has been selected to represent England in Canoe Slalom in the 2018 Pan Celtic Cup Events. Please note: there are changes and additional age categories have been added.

All paddlers must submit their own entry in advance to the race organiser.

PLEASE confirm to the Team Manager asap if you are available to compete. Reserve paddlers please also confirm if you are available. MORE>

Bib Applications

Don't forget to send:

a completed and signed bib application form
Your current BC / SCA / CW / CANI card or a photocopy
A bib voucher or 9
A large (C4) strong SAE with at least 1.22 in postage.

If you don't send them all you won't get your bib. If you've sent off and no bib has come back - did you send them all?

C2 - Stuart can take any C2 bibs to either Tully Prem on 17/18 or HPP on 24/25th, but he must have paperwork or an email before 10th March as he is leaving for Grandtully then.

K1W Prem and Div 1 - Sally will be at Lee Valley on March 10/11, the HPP Prem Race March 24/25, the Tully Div 1 April 7/8 and will bring bibs if you send the paperwork a week prior to the events.

K1M Prem - If Prem K1 Men send all their paperwork beforehand Tracy will take their bibs to Tully or to HPP. Please make sure that the right postage is on them!

K1M Div 1 - Nick will be at Grandtully April 7/8, and will take bibs provided the paperwork has reached him a week before the race.

K1M Div 3 - Karen will be at Aberfeldy 3/4 April 6, Oughtibridge 3/4 April 14/15. Please contact her at least a week before the event if you want her to bring your bib.

Repeating a Popular Series...

When it's a 50 When it's NOT a 50

The competitor passes through the gate in the wrong direction - with or without a touch.

It is not a penalty if there is a movement in the wrong direction, provided that the paddler is going in the right direction at the start and finish of negotiation.

So a wash back, a bounce off a rock or the wind moving the gate back and forward during passage do not count as fifties.



2018 Slalom Organiser's Pack

The new Organisers Pack is now published HERE>

England Slalom Talent Programme Inclusion Policy 2018-19

POLICY FOR 2018-19>

International Panel

2018 Selection Series Information

This statement aims to provide specific updates and clarifications to the published 2018 selection policy. MORE>

Selection Policy for 2018>   Athletes qualified>   Selection venues>.

Online Entry at www.canoeslalomentries.co.uk

The calendar shows that online entry will be available for a lot of races this year. Not all races are open for entries yet: some organisers will set later opening dates.

Registration for Selection - IMPORTANT!

All athletes - Junior, U23 & Senior - wishing to be considered for selection to a 2018 Great Britain team must register for selection. The registration process is available at http://www.simplyslalom.co.uk, and MUST be completed by 4th March. No late registrations will be accepted, with the exception that athletes qualifying a selection place at Grandtully must register no later than Friday 23rd March. Paddlers remain responsible for entering the race(s) before entry limits are reached. Entering the race is not registration.

Vets' Bibs

Mike Carter is now handling ALL Vets' bibs. Please don't apply to Terry, even if you've got an old bib application form with his name on it.

Junior Paddler Development Analysis 2017

Clubs, frequency of paddling and progress among junior K1 paddlers: DETAILED ANALYSIS>

Youth Olympic Games World Qualification Selection Squad

Thanks to all the athletes and parents who braved the harsh weather for the HPP Youth Olympic Games selection event. We are pleased to announce the team of athletes who have qualified to compete at the Qualification Event in Barcelona 6th -15th April 2018.


Daniel Thompson
Talent Programme Administration Officer

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom? Here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.

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